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We have the luxury of two fabulous venues. One is on open farm land just outside the village of Thorney, a fenced, flood lit grass paddock. We are happy to accommodate owners and dogs with disabilities providing we can overcome and practical issues. Thorney hosts the 121 sessions.

The other is a fabulous indoor venue solely designed for dogs in Orton Southgate, Peterborough. Disabled access, carpark, indoor and outdoor areas.   Group sessions are hosted at this venue.

The venue will be listed within the description of the course.

All of our sevices/courses promote KIND, FAIR and EFFECTIVE training methods. We use reward based methods such as licker training to teach basic behaviours and manners and food, toys and cuddles as rewards.

Our beginner courses are based on the University of Lincolns ‘Lifeskills” curriculum.   This was designed and written by leading veterinary behaviourists following extensive research and studies.

As a member of the APDT we do not permit the use of choke chains. Places are strictly limited and bookings are taken on a first come basis.

To book your place, simply click on your choice of class / service and follow the instructions.   Please ensure you are available to attend all the weeks of the course you are booking as refunds will not be given if you are unable to attend.

Paddock Hire

Need somewhere to exercise your dog that is fenced (tho small dogs may get under gates)?   Then why not hire our paddock.   All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations, worm and flea treatment.   If your dog is reactive to dogs or people YOU MUST CONTACT US BEFORE BOOKING. £10.00 per […]

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Aimed at puppies under 6 months and under These classes will help you teach your puppy the skills needed to live in the ‘real world’ Teach your puppy how to make the right choices reducing stress for both you and your dog The course is base around 10 ‘LIFESKILLS’ including basic training such as sit, down, […]

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Home consultation

If you and your dog need help with certain behavioural problems or training problems that can not be dealt with in class such as toilet training, separation problems, fear of people or dogs, dislike of being groomed then we can help you with these problems and many more. We will make an appointment to come […]

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One to One

If your dog has issues that prevent you joining one of our training courses or you are unable to make our class times, we offer you one to one training. We cover most training issues that you may have problems with, such as pulling on the lead, poor or non-existent recalls, lack of attention to […]

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