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“I believe everyone should be able to ask for help with their dog, so I make training fun not regimented, I help people build a good relationship because together you can accomplish anything.” Shelley Heading – Founder & Owner of The Dog House Academy aims to help you achieve the best relationship with your dog whilst learning how dogs learn, how to teach them with understanding and respect all whilst having fun using positive reinforcement training methods in a safe environment.   Most of our courses and services take place ‘online’ via Zoom, this allows you to teach your dog in the safe environment of your home where your dog feels safe, confident and happy – a perfect classroom environment!

We are proud to be veterinary recommended by many of your local vets

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We Offer A Lot More Than Group Classes

Behaviour Consultations

Our behaviour consultations take place via zoom (online).   During these consultations we will look specifically at the issues you are experiencing with your dog. Regardless of the issue you are having all exercises given will need to be learnt and practiced in the home when the dog is calm and relaxed.   Even dog dog issues will still require exercises to be learnt at home before taking them out on a walk.   If we need to book further in person sessions this will be arranged during our appointment time.

1:1 Training

Our one-to-one training sessions take place via zoom online. Our training sessions are centred around you and your dog and the specific issues you are experiencing. Regardless of any training issues you are having all of our exercises will need to be learned and practised in the home when your dog is calm and relaxed and they feel safe. Even recalls start in the home with some fun games.

Puppy Training

Our Puppy School (online) is designed to help you through all the common pain points experienced by many puppy guardians.   Teaching your puppy all the basic foundations at home where they feel safe relaxed and happy is the perfect environment for fast strong learning.

Who We Are

The Dog House Academy is an established training school for you and your dog. We have been helping dogs and their owners since 1995.

We understand that each dog and owner are individuals and we are able to adapt our training to suit specific needs and learning styles.

We use reward based, scientifically proven training methods and Shelley is a qualified and accredited trainer and behaviourist. Let us help you with any training problems or behaviour issues you are having with your dog or  join us online for a variety of training classes, all designed to have fun whilst learning and of course to establish a strong relationship with your dog built on fun, trust, understanding and respect

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